Thursday, November 02, 2006

Metal Slug Anthology Preview - News

Metal Slug Anthology is a forthcoming video game compilation for Playstation 2, Playstation Portable and Wii. For Wii it will have unique controller functionality and online capabilities. It also marks the return of SNK Playmore as a third-party developer for a Nintendo console for the first time since the SNES era. It is currently in development by Terminal Reality in Lewisville, Texas. (Confirmed in the newest issue of Nintendo Power, December 2006) It will also be a launch title for Wii.

A video demonstrates six new ways of controlling Metal Slug Anthology:

"Nunchuk Control Stick" - movement and fire controlled with Nunchuk; grenades tossed by flicking Wiimote
"Tilt Wii Remote" - tilts control movement; d-pad "up" to jump (no nunchuk attached)
"Wii Remote" - classic controls; flick to toss grenades (no nunchuk attached)
"Arcade" - hold Wiimote vertical against surface (emulates joystick); nunchuk fires and jumps (flick it for grenades)
"Nunchuk Only" - Nunchuk controls all (except weapon switch and alternate attack)
"Gamecube Controller" - Gamecube controller connected to Wii, used for a more traditional control style.

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