Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wii Play - Preview (From Wikipedia)

Wii Play (はじめてのWii Hajimete no Wii, or My First Wii in Japan ) is an upcoming video game for the Wii. It will feature minigames that will use characters in the Mii Channel. Several of the games featured are from E3 2006 demos such as the Duck Hunt-styled shooting demo and Table Tennis, as well as all new mini-games.
The game will be sold with a Wii Remote (though no nunchuck attachment) in Japan, Australia and Europe.

Table Tennis - The game is two players and is basically a game of Pong, rallying back and forth by moving the Wii remote. The Mii characters are supported, and are represented by the audience. As the game progresses, the audience grows larger.
Laser Hockey - Played like air hockey, this is a two player game where the players move the Wii remote up and down to deflect shots and try to score in the opponents goal. Twisting the paddle aims the ball. According to developers, the physics engine used to calculate the velocity and position of the shots is extremely advanced, with Shigeru Miyamoto even stating that it rivaled the Havok (software) physics engine in its realism.
Fishing - Players use the Wii remote in a fishing fashion to hook specific paper fish and then yank upwards to grab them.
Find Mii - Crowds of Mii characters will gather on the screen and the player is given certain details to look for among them. The player then must pick out the proper Mii that matches the objective.
Pose Mii - Players move their Miis about with the Wii remote and place themselves in the exact location and position of floating transparent Miis to score points.
Shooting - Players go through various rounds of shooting with targets, ducks, etc. One to four players can participate in this game.
Pool - Played like traditional pool games found online. Players line up their shot in both an overhead 2D and behind-the-ball style 3D viewpoints. They pull the cue stick (Wii remote) backwards, then hit it forward to launch the ball.
Charge! - The player takes a bull by the horns, steers the wild steer by holding the Wii Remote sideways, as if gripping reins, and topple scarecrows to score points.
Tanks - The player controls a tank with the Wii Remote; aims the cannon, bounces shells off walls, and blast opponents.

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Metal Slug Anthology Preview - News

Metal Slug Anthology is a forthcoming video game compilation for Playstation 2, Playstation Portable and Wii. For Wii it will have unique controller functionality and online capabilities. It also marks the return of SNK Playmore as a third-party developer for a Nintendo console for the first time since the SNES era. It is currently in development by Terminal Reality in Lewisville, Texas. (Confirmed in the newest issue of Nintendo Power, December 2006) It will also be a launch title for Wii.

A video demonstrates six new ways of controlling Metal Slug Anthology:

"Nunchuk Control Stick" - movement and fire controlled with Nunchuk; grenades tossed by flicking Wiimote
"Tilt Wii Remote" - tilts control movement; d-pad "up" to jump (no nunchuk attached)
"Wii Remote" - classic controls; flick to toss grenades (no nunchuk attached)
"Arcade" - hold Wiimote vertical against surface (emulates joystick); nunchuk fires and jumps (flick it for grenades)
"Nunchuk Only" - Nunchuk controls all (except weapon switch and alternate attack)
"Gamecube Controller" - Gamecube controller connected to Wii, used for a more traditional control style.

Date, price for Nintendo Wii

NINTENDO has announced December 7 as the date its innovative Wii games console will go on sale in Australia, priced at $399.

The second of the so-called "next generation" games consoles to appear locally, the Wii will come packaged with a wireless, one-handed game control, a "Nunchuck" game controller and a disc with five games.
Users will also be able to play games designed for Nintendo's older GameCube console, as well as download games to the console's flash memory.

The first of the new consoles to be sold in Australia was Microsoft's Xbox 360, which appeared in March. Microsoft announced last week that it had sold more 100,000 Xbox 360 units in Australia.

The Wii will wear a big price advantage over the Xbox 360 into the battle for Christmas sales, with a tag of $399, compared to $649 for the full version of the Xbox 360 and $499 for the stripped-down Xbox 360 "Core" system.

Sony's entrant in the next generation console market, the PlayStation 3 (PS3), was also due to appear in November, but in September the company said it would delay the appearance of the PS3 in markets, including Australia, using the PAL television standard, due a shortage of components.

The PS3 is now expected to appear in March, priced at around $999 - making it by far the most expensive of the new machines.