Thursday, November 02, 2006

Date, price for Nintendo Wii

NINTENDO has announced December 7 as the date its innovative Wii games console will go on sale in Australia, priced at $399.

The second of the so-called "next generation" games consoles to appear locally, the Wii will come packaged with a wireless, one-handed game control, a "Nunchuck" game controller and a disc with five games.
Users will also be able to play games designed for Nintendo's older GameCube console, as well as download games to the console's flash memory.

The first of the new consoles to be sold in Australia was Microsoft's Xbox 360, which appeared in March. Microsoft announced last week that it had sold more 100,000 Xbox 360 units in Australia.

The Wii will wear a big price advantage over the Xbox 360 into the battle for Christmas sales, with a tag of $399, compared to $649 for the full version of the Xbox 360 and $499 for the stripped-down Xbox 360 "Core" system.

Sony's entrant in the next generation console market, the PlayStation 3 (PS3), was also due to appear in November, but in September the company said it would delay the appearance of the PS3 in markets, including Australia, using the PAL television standard, due a shortage of components.

The PS3 is now expected to appear in March, priced at around $999 - making it by far the most expensive of the new machines.

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